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May 20, 2012

Wow, it’s been a while. My last post was in November, more than 6 months ago. My extended hiatus from blogging was a mirror of my life as a whole- I’ve felt like I have been on a hiatus from living. Now I am being a tad dramatic, but being in graduate school and teaching full time really hasn’t left me with a lot of extra time.

Well I graduated on May 11th and can already feel the tides of change. I have more free time, more mental energy, and more motivation to get out there and live life to the fullest. I want to continue blogging in an effort to chronicle and inspire my new found free time. I want to fill this time with adventures in the physical and outdoor type.

I have already been to the beach more in the past two weeks than I have since January… sad I know, but like I said, things are changing. I have explored some hiking trails that I have never been on. I went on an epic kayak/hike adventure out and to the top of Chinaman’s hat.



I have a renewed spirit and sense of adventure that I would love to share here. Instead of writing to-do lists of school work I need to finish, I am writing to-do lists of excursions. Here are a few things I plan to do in the near future.

  • Hibiscus Half-Marathon- Honolulu, HI- May 27th
  • Visit Boulder, Colorado in June
  • North Shore Half-Marathon, Deerfield, IL- June 10th
  • Hike Konahuanui (the highest mountain in the Koolau range)
  • get into trail running so I can run…
  • Xterra Freedom Fest 10K Trail Run- Kualoa, HI- July 7th
  • go to the beach!
  • kayak
  • try CrossFit
  • train for the Honolulu Marathon

It is going to be a great summer and a great beginning to life after graduate school!

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