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Half Full

November 2, 2011

Today I am thankful for half-days at work. Getting done with work early and having half of the day to myself is the most amazing feeling. Typically, Monday through Friday I switch onto survival mode; wake up, eat, try to teach 6th graders something meaningful all day, walk Griff, run, eat, prepare for the next day, sleep. I have pretty much the entire day planned and devoted to some task. Half-days in the midweek give me a chance to relax and recharge, while also getting things done that I don’t have any space for in a full day.

Take today for example. School let out at 12:30. I went to the library and got some goods- cook books, a novel, and some research for an upcoming social studies unit. I took a nap. I made a gourmet smoothie. Usually I am not even home by now, and I was able to do these extra things that I don’t have time for, but make me so happy. To top it off, later I am going to go on an 8 mile run around a crater, overlooking the ocean. Not a bad day.

Speaking of running, I am really getting back into the groove of hitting the pavement. I had an easy 4 miles Monday, 5 miles with some faster sprints tucked in yesterday, and today a longer 8. It feels so good to be back running after a whole week off. I find myself trying to make up for lost time, so I am running more miles than is on my training plan this week, trying to build up my endurance again. My body is feeling good, so hopefully it is adapting to the added mileage. I also want to make sure I cover some distance and get used to running again before my long run this weekend- 19 miles!

And, as of today, I am officially registered for the 2011 Honolulu Marathon! Wahoo! The race is 38 days from now, so I am focused on training and having some successful long runs as I build up to 20 miles, then taper before the race.

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  1. mz schultz permalink
    November 3, 2011 2:43 am

    sounds like an 8 mile run would be a breeze compared to working with getting a roomful of 6th graders all day long 🙂

    Boston? Chicago? nahhhh….you picked the best marathon to run in = keep training!!! mr schultz & I were there for the 1982 honolulu marathon, it was amazing to see (we didn’t run it but had 2 friends on the course)

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