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Run for your lives!

October 31, 2011

I’m baaaaaack.

No, not from the dead. I am back to running! Yay!

I had it in my mind that today was the day, it had to be the day. I have not run for a whole week, and if I am going to continue training and run the Honolulu Marathon in December, I knew I had to get back in the swing of things. My foot was still feeling achy and painful yesterday, but when I woke up today it did not hurt at all! I went the whole day, Halloween parade and all, without any aches or pains. It was looking very hopeful for me. I took Griff for a mile walk to test out the waters, and still no pain!

This evening I ran 4, happy, elated miles. It feels so good to be running again. My foot felt good throughout the run, but I am icing it right now to ward off any residual soarness.

I hope you all had a good Halloween. We had a carnival at the elementary school today, which was super cute. Imagine 400 kids running around in costume, it was pretty awesome. I’ll leave you with a picture from my Halloween outing on Saturday (this is not me), you don’t get much more authentic than this.


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