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Afraid of the Dark

October 19, 2011

Wednesdays or Thursdays I have a longer mid-week run, when I run about 8 miles. Although Hawaii is pretty close to the equator when compared to the mainland U.S., we are still in the northern hemisphere and experience some changes in the time of sunrise and sunset, although the days here are 12-13 hours long throughout the year. We are experiencing a shortening of the day length, where the sun was setting at about 6:45, it is now setting at 6:15. I have been leaving earlier and earlier each week on my longer evening runs, but I keep getting home when it is already pretty dark out. I went from setting out at 6:00 to 5:15, and still coming dangerously close to the witching hour.

I hate the idea of running in the dark, whether it is before sunrise or after sunset, being out in the dark creeps me out. As I have discussed, I am pretty clumsy, and am fearful that I will trip over something or run into someone if I run in the dark. You also don’t know what is out there, you know there could be things like the boogey man or Freddie Kruger around the next corner, you just can’t be sure.

Spooky things aside, running from impending darkness does wonders for my speed. I have noticed lately that although I am running a decent amount of miles, my longer evening runs have been at a respectable clip. Take tonight, for instance, my average over 8.5 miles was 8:35 minutes/mile, not too bad. In addition to increased speed, a positive aspect of running at sunset is of course the sunset.

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  1. October 20, 2011 3:42 am

    I am afraid of the dark! But there is something magical about seeing the sun rise or set on your run….

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