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Infinite Sand

October 7, 2011

Today was another beach day. I know I am spoiled. But seriously, I have gone to the beach more this week than I usually do in a month. Curse you grad school! But first the day started off at the pool, where I swam 1600 yards. Gotta love getting your move on first thing in the morning!

I took my mom, sister, and Griffan. To Kahala Beach, which is the closest beach to my house. It is not the nicest, but its proximity is alluring. Griffan loves this beach because there are often other dogs there and the waves are much smaller, which makes it more inviting to swim in for such a little guy. When the waves are anywhere over his head, he is too afraid to go all-in and hangs out in the whitewash, but today he went for it and swam out beyond the shore break.

He also got buried, which he surprisingly endures with enthusiasm.

Lunch was had at The Counter, a build your own burger place. You may be wondering what a vegetarian carb wary person was doing at a burger place, well feast your eyes.

The “Asian Veggie Bowl” with a veggie patty, mixed organic baby greens, carrots, roasted peppers, onions, scallions, grilled pineapple, and a peanut sauce. This was super super good.

I would give The Counter kudos on their food, but unfortunately our server lost my mom’s debit card, seriously. I put in some time in the food-service industry and have never executed or witnessed such a faux paux as losing someone’s credit card. And it doesn’t stop there, upon calling her bank, my mother found that he had charged both our bill and someone else’s bill on her credit card! He probably then proceeded to give them her card, and not their own. Who knows, lame move on his part. She had to cancel the card, while on vacation, and these hassles were not taken with empathy by The Counter, who was reluctant to make this mistake right at all. I will not be going back to The Counter in Honolulu, they have pretty paltry service.

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