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Cool Runnings

September 25, 2011

This morning I awoke as the sun came up for my long run of the week. On the menu, 14 miles.

Done and done. 14.1 in 2:07 with an average pace of 9:01 min/mile. Not the fastest pace, but I am trying to keep it slow as I up my mileage for marathon training. I want to keep my pace around 9:00 min/mile and not try to bust my a** by going any faster than that.

Here’s the breakdown of how each mile went (which I just figured out how to do on my Garmin).

  • Mile 1–> 9:51
  • Mile 2–> 9:01
  • Mile 3–> 9:08
  • Mile 4–> 9:17
  • Mile 5–> 9:02
  • Mile 6–> 8:56
  • Mile 7–> 8:41
  • Mile 8–> 8:43
  • Mile 9–> 9:00
  • Mile 10–> 9:05
  • Mile 11–> 8:52
  • Mile 12–> 8:54
  • Mile 13–> 8: 53
  • Mile 14–> 8:54

Miles 1-4 I was dogging it a little, getting warmed up. Miles 6-8 felt amazing and I was really getting into the groove. Mile 9 I ate a Gu, ran up hill for 9 & 10. Then mile 11 that Gu kicked in and I finished strong under 9:00 min/mile pace. I like this feature on my Garmin, and will definitely use it more often to analyze my runs.

Because I know I have much longer runs ahead of me, I really focused on staying in the moment. I took each step and each section of the run for what it was and did not think too much about the miles to come. I really enjoyed my run this morning because I was present, not worrying or stressing about the past or future. I am hoping that this positive attitude will get me through my 20 mile training run and the 26.2 mile race.

After the run was a long stretch and a delicious smoothie, typical. Into the blender went kale, chia seeds, maca, wheat berries, stevia, yogurt, soy milk, papaya, banana, mango, strawberries, and blueberries. Lots and lots of good stuff. I made extra so I have tomorrow’s breakfast waiting for me in the freezer 🙂 I love planning ahead, it makes my life so much easier.

Tim did some trimming of a tree that is mauka (mountain side) of our house. Our view of the mountains looks so much more beautiful now. I viewed it intently as I sipped my recovery smoothie.

I hope to have both a productive and relaxing Sunday. I wish you the same!

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