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Good Pho You

September 24, 2011

When Tim and I are going out to eat our conversation usually goes like this, “Where do you want to go?”, “I don’t know, do you want Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, or Indian?” We are blessed with really great representations of all Asian cuisines within a mile or two from our house.

Tonight we decided to go Vietnamese and eat at Super Pho. By the way, Vietnamese restaurants tend to have the classiest names, just saying. Although the name is quite literal in that the food is SUPER! We ordered veggie tofu pho, basically humongous, piping hot, bowls of rice noodles with, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, green onions, tofu, in a really delicious broth.

Vietnamese food is fun because you can start with your bowl of noodle soup and customize it to your taste. First comes the heaping plate of herbs; basil, bean sprouts, jalepenos, and lemons.

Then your bowl of soup is served.

Select your condiments from tray. I added hoisin and chili paste. Options include soy sauce, fish sauce, siracha, salt, pepper, hoisin, and two different house-made chili sauces.

Then watch as your soup magically transforms.

This bowl of soup was so magical, it was super hot, spicy, and aromatic all at once. The thing about pho is that it makes you down the huge bowl without realizing it. Good thing I have honed in on my chopstick skills. I used to ask for a fork when eating pho, but when I went to Vietnam I was forced to adapt to the use of chopsticks, and now I am pretty proficient= getting noodles into my mouth faster.

My 14 mile run tomorrow was on my mind, and while enjoying this bowl of wonderful, it occurred to me that pho may be the perfect night-before long run fuel. You’re taking in a good amount of carbs from the noodles, nutrient rich veggies, protein from the tofu, and tons of hydration from the broth. The only thing is that adding too much chili sauce may adversely effect some runners the next morning. But not me, I’ve got a pretty golden stomach.

Chuc ngu ngon!

(Good night)

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