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Blossoms and Bummers

September 24, 2011
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This morning I went up to check on the garden and was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful okra blossom.

Who knew that okra plants could be so pretty? I was also surprised at the direction in which the okras grow. I have some experiene with tomatoes and eggplants, which have flowers that point towards the ground and the fruits hang down as well.  You would think that the okra fruits would be pointing downwards, as gravity usually dictates, but they grow upwards. It makes some sense if you look at the blossom, it is pointing upwards, so it must just close like that and the direction of the flower makes the fruit go that way too.

While the blossom brightened my day, I was horrified at all of the weeds trying to conquer our garden. All of the grass and hale koa trees that I had pulled out a few months ago were coming back with a vengence. Up until now i have conveniently “not noticed” this resurgence. I spent a good hour and a half trying to make a dent in the grass cover. From now on garden, I swear I will weed you for at least one hour per week, and not let you get so out of hand!

Enter another bummer of the day.

Isn’t that lovely? A foot through the ceiling.

A friend needed some possessions stored while she is doing non-profit work in Kenya. I was like, “no problem, we have a crawl space that is the length of the house.” I know how stressful it can be to deal with storing things on an island in the middle of the Pacific.

For one it was a sauna up there, no joke, it had to be 115 degrees. I came out drenched. The good news is that now I know I own a sauna in my very own home. For two, I stepped on a panel that I would liken to cardboard and my foot went straight through. *%$#!

Now I have a hole in the hallway ceiling and a pissed off boyfriend, no bueno.

I know nothing about home repair, or repair of anything for that matter, so I consulted the wonderful world wide web. I watched some DIY videos on fixing such faux paus and was relieved to see that it wasn’t rocket science, which I feared it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I have NO intention of fixing it myself, but watching the video calmed my fears of a colossal and expensive repair.

Now I am awaiting the return of my neighbor, who is an electrician and construction worker by trade, to plead with him to fix my holy mistake. Bribes of money and beer are in order, but I think he can be swayed 😉

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