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Berry Good

September 20, 2011

I was cruising the bulk aisle at Whole Foods and these wheat berries popped out at me. I had heard about these in the blogosphere and was interested in trying them. Plus, they were only $0.99 a pound, one of the cheapest grains or seeds in the bulk aisle.

Wheat berries are the whole grain of the wheat kernel, are a good source of dietary fiber, and are 15% protein. Sounds pretty healthy to me.

The bulk bin said that you need to soak them overnight, then boil them for an hour. That seemed like a lot of prep and I often forget the step of soaking, so I consulted Kath, the queen of quick and healthy meals. She had some good new for me, and said that you could cook them without soaking, yay!

I put the wheat berries in a pot and covered them with water, about 1 inch over the berries. Then I brought them to a boil, covered, and simmered for 40 minutes. I drained most of the water, leaving a little, to make sure the berries don’t dry out.

I like the taste of the wheat berries they are grainy and nutty at the same time. I added about 1/4 cup to my salad for lunch today, which was really tasty and about a tablespoon to some yogurt and banana for an afternoon snack. I am definitely liking them for now, and I am excited to try and incorporate the berries into different dishes.

I ran a mountainous 5 miles today around the neighborhood, gotta get that hill workout in! It is amazing how my body has adapted to hill running, I am able to run up them much faster and with less pain and agony than when I first started doing focused hill runs. Improvement is so motivating!

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