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September 18, 2011

Papaya babies that is!

We planted this papaya as a seedling about 9 months ago, and now the little babies are ripening.

The cool thing about papayas, and bananas for that matter, is that they don’t take as long as larger hardwood trees to fruit. For example, an apple tree needs 10+ years to start producing good fruits.

I have been watching these fruits grow for the past 6 months, once the fruits start they do take a while to mature. But the first one ripened on the tree a couple of days ago!

I was very excited to eat it this morning (this is where you should stop applying the baby-papaya analogy). I chopped her up and put her inside my post-long run smoothie. Along with banana, mango, strawberries, blueberries, soy milk, yogurt, chia seeds, maca, and cinnamon. Lots of goodies!

What a cute little fruit, all the cuter because she came off our tree 🙂

I ran a lovely 9 miles this morning out and around Diamond Head in about 1:21. It was a nice cool morning, I felt great, and have no complaints.

Today is a work and errands day, a necessary evil.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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