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September 17, 2011

The morning started with an energizing four mile run. My new marathon plans have rejuvenated and renewed my love for running. It feels good to be back. Back, where did I go? People, this was only my second run of the week, and it felt like an eternity. I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s long run.

Today Tim, me, and some friends went stand up paddle boarding ( We had an epic mission planned to paddle to some offshore islands on the east side, near Kailua. We loaded up two stand up paddle boards and the kayak and headed out. As we rounded the southeast corner of the island we saw that it was dumping buckets on that side of the island and the Mokulua islands, where we were headed, were barely even visible through the rain.

So we turned back towards the south shore, where it was sunny, and paddled around Maunalua Bay near Hawaii Kai. is somewhat hard at first because you have to maintain your balance on top of a board while navigating waves and wind. But everyone did pretty good and we had a good time trying out the boards.

After all that work paddling around replenishment was needed, and found, at Yogurtland. How I love thee, Yogurtland. I got oatmeal cookie, coconut, and kona coffee flavors topped with hemp flax granola, yum!

I have to admit that reading blogs where people are talking about pumpkin beer, running in cool fall temperatures, and wearing jeans and a sweater makes me a little jealous. I like fall, I like pumpkin, and beer, and jeans and sweaters. I want to experience running in 50-60 degree weather. But then I think about what comes after fall and I am happy again, and greatful to be playing in the ocean while many people are wearing their jeans and sweaters, fearfully dreading the first snowfall 🙂

On that note, I am off to procure some pumpkin beer (cool temps or not!), then to a barbecue, and I will be wearing jeans, no matter how hot it is!

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