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Grillin and Chillin

September 17, 2011
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Tim and I barbecued with Tim’s dad this afternoon. I had grand intentions to find pumpkin beer to drink at the get-together, but my dreams were smashed. We went to the best beer/wine/liquor store on the island, Tamura’s (which so happens to be 1 mile down the road :)) and they did not have pumpkin beer “yet”. If Tamura’s doesn’t have it, then nobody does. I settled for Sam Adams Octoberfest, which proved to be quite tasty.

Although I vowed to wear jeans, I just couldn’t. It was too hot and I was uncomfortable, I had to opt for a flowy skirt.

I failed to carry out Operation: Pretend It’s Fall on two accounts; no pumpkin beer and no jeans with sweaters. Oh, and I have a mean sunburn. I am not fooling anyone, much less myself, that fall is happening in Hawaii this year.

For the BBQ I made a tasty salad of red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onion, carrot, olives, feta, and avocado tossed with lemon juice, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Then I assembled vegetable kebabs while Tim assembled shrimp and scallop kebabs. We also grilled halved eggplants. What a pretty grill.

Here’s the table spread before dinner.

And here’s my plate.

Great food, good beer, engaging conversation.

While we were eating outside Griffan almost ate a toad! Toads are lethal to dogs because they excrete poison out of the pores in their back. Griffan fully had the toad in his mouth, and we had to get him to drop it. For the rest of the night he was searching for the toad, in attempt to seek revenge on him. We were so worried, but now we are home and Griffan is alive and well.


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