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The Eve

September 10, 2011

Nope it’s not Christmas Eve, although it feels like it. It’s the eve of my first race!

I am excited and scared at the same time. I’ve put in the miles, I’ve put in the effort, I should be ready. I am ready…right?

I laid out my clothes, I’ve pretty much worn this same outfit every Sunday for my long runs, so I am going with consistency. It is strongly suggested not to wear any new clothes on a race day, you never know how they are going to feel.

I’ve got my hat, which used to be blue and is bleached from the Hawaii sun.

My Garmin, I know I’ve got to keep a close eye on my pace. My ipod shuffle, for inspiration.

My trusty Asics Gel Blur-33, which I will be buying a new pair of shortly after this race. It is recommended to only wear shoes for 500-700 miles, nothing more. Wearing shoes beyond this lifespan will increase your probability for injury. And I’ve got some cushy sport socks.

I’ve got coffee steeping overnight for an iced coffee in the morning. I’ve got bread, banana, and peanut butter ready for breakfast. Check, check, and check.

In other news, Tim and I went to a really cool event this evening called “Eat Drink Prints” held in a furniture and art gallery. The name is very descriptive of what went on. There were really good bite-size appetizers that were catered and circulated throughout the room. Sorry, no photos. There was a polenta snack, endive with goat cheese and grape, endive with olive tapenade, seared ahi sushi, salmon rolls, asparagus, cream cheese stuffed lychee, and green tea shortbread cookies. All of the food was fantastic and Tim and I actively solicited the service of the waiters throughout the night. There was also wine served (which I did not partake in, stupid race) and a ginger tea (which I drank a lot of while pretending it was wine).

Now comes the cool part, the prints. Every couple in attendance received a number and a wish list as they entered the party. Inside there was print work done by lithographers covering the walls. We had an hour to peruse the art work, write down our favorites, and then they began to call out numbers. When your number was called you got to choose your favorite piece and take it home! Isn’t that cool? And we had number 8, out of something like 75! So we got our first choice, which was this turtle.

Sorry about the glare, there is a plastic covering protecting the piece.

It was a a really fun night and creative concept for a party.

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