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Green and Blue

September 5, 2011

Tim & I, and our friends, went on a wonderful camping trip up in the mountains.

Yesterday afternoon we packed up all of the necessities; food, water, and wine, and loaded up the truck for our excursion.

To get to the campsite (whose location cannot be disclosed) we hiked up a pretty hot and sun-exposed ridge for about 45 minutes.

The views of the ocean and a nice breeze made it more enjoyable.

Not to mention good conversations with friends and fun sing-alongs.

Before we knew it we were on the top of the ridge and at the campsite, which is in the middle of a nice ironwood grove. Ironwoods are kind of like pine trees, they have long needles that cover the ground and make a swooshing sound in the wind.

These pine needles drive Griffan crazy, and he ran around like a spastic child, hopping from one person’s lap to the next, trying to get away from their prickly texture.

The pine needles actually make a great ground cover for camping, because the ground is much softer and cushioned.

Good food was passed around the fire; crackers with avocado and cheese, raisins, grapes, nutter butters, and tofurky dogs.

Someone brought the ingredients for s’mores. I loved these! I don’t know how many years it’s been since I’ve eaten a s’more, so this treat was much appreciated.

This morning I was up with the sunrise, and we all set out for a hike up towards the summit of the Koolau mountain range. It was such a beautiful morning and the visibility was great. You could see Molokai, Lanai, and Maui. Look for the shadows in the background of the picture, although they are hard to see in the photos.

We hiked for a few hours, checking out the plants, and Tim spotted a native bird, the Elepaio. Griffan had a lot of fun hiking, too!

Then we enjoyed the rest of the morning lounging at the campsite until it was time to head down.

Thanks for the hammock Joan!

How was your Labor Day weekend?

I am soooo not ready for Monday to come, please just give me one more day off!

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