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August 27, 2011

After a long work week this is exactly what I needed.

And I almost opted out of the excursion in favor of doing more lesson planning and school work. Never again will I second guess the rejuvenating and relaxing benefits of a swim in the ocean and a nap on the beach!

There were a lot of para-gliders out today. They are so cool to look at, I can only imagine how amazing their view must be.

After a nice afternoon at the beach we were really hungry and decided that Thai food would be great this evening.

We went to Champa Thai, one of 3 Thai restaurants in our immediate neighborhood (I know, we’re lucky). It was our first time at this establishment, and we were pleasantly surprised at how delicious the food was and how good the service was.

We ordered and they had the salad out within what felt like 5 minutes, which was perfect for our hungry bellies.

We started off with a tofu salad. It was a slightly warm salad made up of thinly sliced tofu, cucumber, carrots, onions, mint, and mushrooms on lettuce and flavored with an amazing salty/spicy sauce.

Next came the tofu pad thai. I usually don’t get excited about pad thai, I don’t find the flavors very complex and it’s really just a big pile of noodles. But not this pad thai! It was peanuty and savory and delicious.

Lastly came the green curry. To be honest, I’ve had much better green curry, but then again I ate it every day for a month in Thailand, so maybe my standards are askew. It was ok, the flavor was not super strong or distinct, which is why I love green curry. I was ok with the less than stellar curry because the other two dishes were incredible. I’ll be heading back to this Thai place soon!

Tomorrow is my last really long training run before the race in two weeks. I’ll be heading out for 14 miles, yikes! I’m off to get some shut eye. Goodnight!

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