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Floss for Your Heart

August 24, 2011

Hello friends, life has been busy, so I haven’t been cooking a whole lot. I made a big batch of burrito filling on Sunday night, and that, paired with home-made guacamole, has been getting me through dinners for the last couple of days.

Most of my life has revolved around this. And of course, running.

.Creating lesson plans, teaching, grading, and planning. Teaching is hard work, but is also very rewarding and fulfilling.

I found a cool blog out there about teaching with picture books that has great ideas for specific books and ways to teach language arts content. It was a great idea for this teacher to compile her ideas and resources to share quality books that illustrate setting, plot, or characterization or that demonstrate figurative language, etc. For all you teachers out there, I suggest you check it out.

I was reading in Women’s Health magazine, an article about how to keep your heart healthy and I came upon a tip that was somewhat of a surprise. The article says to floss every day to help towards the end of keeping a strong ticker, “If you’re breeding bacteria between your teeth, your immune system is on chronic high alert, a condition called inflammation that taxes your vital organs, including your heart. A woman’s chance of having a heart attack may double if she has gum disease,” – yikes! Flossing is the best way to get rid of this bacteria, so if you needed another reason to floss every day (which I did) then there it is!

Have you heard of any new/surprising health tips?

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