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Tropical Fruit Time

August 16, 2011
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Have I mentioned how greatful I am that my boyfriend works at a tropical fruit nursery/orchard? Well, I’ll say it again. And yes, I meant to “misspell” greatful, it just makes so much more sense for the word great to be embedded within the adjective greatful, The Dead got it right.

Tim brought these goodies home today. The pink fruit with green spikes is a dragon fruit, the green ones in the front are atamoya, the purple ones in the middle are lilikoi, the pink one on the right is a pittaya, and the big hunking green one in the back is a breadfruit. Holy yum! Here is a picture of the inside of the lilikoi (the little purple ones).

Lilikoi are typically yellow on the outside, but this is a unique variety that is grown at the nursery. It is really sweet, and not quite as tart as the yellow kind. They are super delicious, I slurped one down before my run, sweet sweet energy.

I ran 6.5 hilly miles in 56 minutes, making my average pace per mile 8:38.

Something interesting has been happening to me since I’ve been training for my half-marathon, when I am running I feel the best after running 4 or 5 miles. The first few miles my legs feel a little heavy and I feel almost sluggish, but after I’ve been cruising for more than a half an hour then I get sprightly and energized. That seems like an awful long time to “warm up”. I am thinking that either I need to do some more strenuous warm-ups at home before heading out, or this is a sign that my body likes long distances.

What do you think? During what part of your run do you feel the best?

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  1. August 17, 2011 11:12 am

    I’m the same way, I perk up at mile 3.5 or 4. Then, I start to lose steam at mile 8 or 9.

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