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Give me some Morning Thunder

August 15, 2011
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I took a little trip to Whole Foods yesterday, it has become a Sunday ritual. They were sampling Sierra Nevada products, yum! I tried their autumn brown ale, called Tumbler, and it was really delicious. I really do love brown ales.

I also checked out the tea aisle, and came upon this little gem.

Who can turn down a name like that, then the contents, black tea and yerba mate, yes please! It is a wonderful blend, the black tea works to balance out the sometimes bitter taste of mate, quite genius actually. This might be my new favorite.

I also love the company, Celestial Seasonings, they are out of Boulder Colorado and have a strong environmentally conscious stance to their business. The tea bags do not have a string, nor are they packaged individually, thus reducing unneeded waste. The box that it comes in is 100% recycled and they are a fair trade company. That’s a lot to get excited about.

Happy Monday, I hope your work week gets off to a great start!

What are some of your favorite teas/ tea producers?

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