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A Toast to Friday

August 12, 2011

Cheers to Friday! Another long week is over. I am hoping that it is because it is the beginning of the school year, but these past two weeks have felt very lengthy and taxing. Maybe the kids are still getting back into the groove of using their mental capacity? I blame it on too any video games over the summer.

Speaking of my students, I created a project on where I am requesting an atlas, encyclopedia on ancient civilizations, colored pencils, and blank hardcover books for an integrated unit of language arts and social studies. I am going to teach my students how to research and write reports, and each student will be focusing on either Classic Greece, Rome, India, or China. They will write the final, published draft of their reports in the hardcover books, as if they were writing their very own text book, hence the name of the project, History in Our Own Words. If you’d like to donate to the project on Donors Choose to help us get the materials, follow this link. Any help is much appreciated!

Onto the toast part, I am going to begin a weekly toast where I sample and review a new beer. Today’s beer is Lost Coast Brewery’s Tangerine Wheat. Is a refreshing and crisp wheat beer with notes of citrus, notably tangerine. This beer is a great summer beer that goes down smooth and delights the palate. I really like this beer, but I also like all of the beers from Lost Coast Brewery, like the Alley Cat Amber Ale and the Great White Whitbear. The brewery is out of Eureka, Humboldt, California and was founded by two women, go girl power!

What beers are you enjoying this evening?

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