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A Rogue Afternoon

August 7, 2011

Today was a work and chore kind of day (after my pleasurable run). At home I did some unit and lesson planning while Tim fixed up his bike. Then we headed out to run errands. First stop was the recycle center, where I immediately had the wonderful idea of splurging on good beer with our HI-5 money.

One of our favorite beer brewers is Rogue, out of Oregon, they make super quality, unique beers that are always delicious and exciting. Our choices today were the Irish Style Lager and the Chipotle Ale.

The Irish Lager was light and crisp with a smooth, mellow flavor. It was a great, easy drinking beer that would delight the taste buds of most anyone.

The Chipotle Ale was really something special, it really is an ale with touches of chipotle chili pepper. It had a beautiful amber color and a fun spicy taste that lingers in your mouth and the back of your throat, although the spice was subtle, and tastefully so.

I have to be honest, after this evening, the Chipotle Ale is one of my favorites. The subtle spiciness and the rich lager were so delicious, I’m sure I will find myself forking over the $6.00/bottle to drink it on occasion.

Cheers, have a nice work week!

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