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When 6 is a factor of 10

July 31, 2011

It’s another long distance run Sunday 🙂

10.06 miles in 1:26:36, with an average pace of 8:36- that’s a lot of 6’s.

It was a beautiful morning for a long run; cool, breezy, and lots of cloud cover. My run took me out of the valley, around Diamond Head crater, and back up into the valley.

There was a triathlon going on this morning, and while I was running around Diamond head I was passing the participants in either their bike or run stage of the race. Talk about motivation! These people were out there swimming, biking, AND running. I give a lot of props to them and enjoyed seeing part of their race!

I drank an Emergen-C around mile 5, and had 3 water stops along the way. The run felt pretty good, but I have to admit that I pushed my pace a little too hard. At this stage I think that an 8:36 min/mile average for a long run is a little too fast for me – I should aim more towards 8:45. I set my Garmin to display my average pace and I think looking at this made me run too fast in the beginning of the run to get a lower number. From now on for my long runs I won’t display my average pace, just my current pace, to make sure that I am on track and going a little slower than a tempo run, and so I don’t obsess on trying to get my average pace lower.

What did  I do after my run? Drink a smoothie of course!

– Banana

– Frozen blueberries and strawberries

– Spinach

– Kale

– Flax and chia seeds

– Silken tofu

– Soy milk

– Maca

I can’t believe it didn’t turn out more green, I put so much spinach in it! I guess the strawberries just overpowered the color scheme. It was delicious just the same.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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