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11 Miles of Magic

July 23, 2011

A confluence of events made today’s run pretty amazing, magical even.

I had 8+ hours of good sleep, when I left for my run it was a cool 71 degrees and a mere 76 when I returned, it was partly cloudy the entire time, and I had a successful mid-run fuel up. Thank you weather gods for giving me a great morning to run in!

About the fuel- I keep reading about the necessity to fuel during your run when going out for 10 miles or more. I’ve done a couple 10 milers without bringing any sustenance and have successfully made it through, although I could feel it towards the end. I don’t have/need a system of carrying water or gatorade because there are always 3 or more water fountains on my running routes (which I LOVE and am truly grateful for), I don’t have a fuel belt to put snacks in, and I don’t find something called GU an appealing thing to put in my body. I’ve been ignoring the need to fuel, but last night I decided to take a gander in the pantry and see if there was anything I could scrounge up to stash in my undergarments during my run when I came across this little gem in the cupboard.

I always keep a stock of Emergen-C at home for times when I feel an inkling of a cold, when I travel, or when my life is under a lot of stress where a bacterial/viral attack could take hold.

I knew they were packed with tons of vitamin C and B vitamins, so I knew that it would work to give me energy, but low and behold, the package displays a very special word in the world of sports drinks- electrolytes. Needless to say, I was pretty excited that I already owned something that I could use for my mid-run fuel, and would not need to go out and buy some scary weird products.

Another important feature of these little babies is there compactness, they are virtually flat. I easily stuck this in my sports bra and didn’t notice it at all. It may or may not have crinkled, but I had my music on, so I didn’t notice it.

At mile 5.5, halfway through, I opened her up, poured some of the powder in my mouth, drank some water, swished it together, and swallowed. It was yummy and really fizzy, so pretty fun. I may have gotten some weird looks from people walking by.

I can’t be sure what or how big of a part the Emergen-C played in my run today, but I do know that I felt great the entire time, so I’m thinking that it helped to maintain my energy in the second half of the run. And, by the way, how did an average of 8:50 minutes per mile over 11 miles get to be so easy?

Smoothie love.

In the mix- banana, strawberries, blueberries, papaya, kabocha squash, silken tofu, kale, flax seeds, chia seeds, maca, mango nectar, and soy milk. Wow, that’s a mouth full.

Last night I had a dream that I was going on a trip today, right after my run. I hadn’t packed, and was rushing to do so. I made it to the airport and realized that in rushing I forgot to make my post-run smoothie. Right then and there I decided that I would change my flight so that I could return home to have my smoothie.

Now that is an obsession!

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