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My Yoga Stance

July 22, 2011

I do yoga, and I really like it, but I have no mushy, spiritual feelings about it. I think it is a great exercise and most of all, a great compliment to a runner’s training program. Yoga increases strength in ways that traditional strength training does not. I mean, come on, you’ve gotta be building lots of different muscles holding poses like this for long periods of time. Where strength training with weights allows you to do certain movements to target very specific areas, yoga can allow you to work the whole body at once through holding poses like triangle.

Lets talk about your core, not your superficial abs, but the muscles underneath those “washboards”. Core strength is necessary for a lot of things, good posture being one of them, and running another. To maintain proper running form, and avoid injury, you’ve got to have a strong core holding you upright. And the key to a strong core is balance. I don’t know of any other form of exercise that focuses on increasing balance like yoga does. To balance on one leg you need to keep your core stable, thus engaging it and making it stronger. Core strength and balance go hand in hand like peanut butter and banana, and increasing both will make your runs more efficient and injury free. Try out your balance by performing the below pose, and holding it for a minute 😉

Yoga makes me feel great, and I know it is doing so many good things for my body, like making me stronger and less prone to injury. If you are turned off by some approaches to yoga that focus on the spiritual aspects of the practice, don’t give up, find a different studio or DVD and keep trying because yoga has amazing benefits to everyone, and can most excellently compliment any exercise regime.


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