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New Gadget

July 20, 2011

Ladies and gentlemen feast your eyes on my new running companion, the Garmin Forerunner 305.

I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for a while, and I finally splurged on it. It has GPS, so can accurately tell me how far I’ve run. It tells me my pace per mile, so can encourage me to run faster. It can also tell me my calories burned and my heart rate. Overall, it’s a little piece of technology that will help me get more out of my runs.

I know, it looks gigantic- they make iPads smaller than that, don’t they?

While the 305’s appearance is sizable, it is really light. I wouldn’t say that I didn’t notice it was there, but I attribute that to never being a watch wearer. I have never owned a watch before and I don’t ever wear bracelets. I think I will just need to get used to having something around my wrist.

Does it look all that bad on? I hope not.

I took it out on its first trial run today, and it went swimmingly, or should I say runningly. I definitely think that it encouraged me to keep a faster pace throughout my run and helped me to push myself harder.

And here are the specs;

6.19 miles in 52:56. My average pace per mile was 8:33. The fourth box tells me my current pace, which is apparently about 40 minutes per mile while sitting 🙂

I also set the timer to stop when I stop moving, so when I have to wait for a stoplight, it doesn’t count against my time or pace.

I am pretty excited about my new running buddy, and can’t wait to take her out for a spin tomorrow!

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